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        Burnout Furnaces

  • Automatic control

  • Stainless steel oven shell

  • Temperature range: 0-2000F

  • Maintains accurate temperature setting

  • Temperature set buzzer

  • Draws only 7 amps, operates on 115 V, 50/60 Hz chamber

  • In lab serviceable modular controls

  • Single-stage burnout

ERC Model 500 S

Burnout Furnace

  • Each Vulcan is constructed with a heavy gauge steel cabinet finished with a durable baked enamel coating. A vertical lift door is standard for operator safety and space conservation. Vulcan Benchtop Furnaces are available in three standard and one high-temperature muffle sizes. Venturi air exchange is available on selected models. Digital models have nine multistage programmes and a hold temperature control with temperatures up to 1225C (2237F)

  • Multistage burnout

Dentsply Ney Tech

Vulcan (Automatic)

  • 4-Stage programmability with/any type of investment material

  • Unique automatic vertical lift platform

  • No heat blast

  • Reduces heat loss in muffle chamber

  • Foot-pedal accessory provided hands-free operation

  • Rings accessible form 3 sides

  • All 4 walls of muffle embedded w/coils for even-heat distribution

  • Quick-Status LED indicator shows current status at any stage

  • Program start delay

Whipmix Apollo II

Multi-Stage Burnout Oven

  • The P.D.Q. Digital burnout furnaces are fully automatic, designed for single stage use and have a memory for one complete program. They are available in two sizes: medium and large. Both feature a large display and Time-Line Graph which show current burnout conditions and program progress from start to finish.

  • Two PDQ digital sizes: Medium & Large

  • Single-stage burnout

Jelrus Dental Products

P.D.Q. Digital Burnout Furnace

  • ​The Infinity M30 and Infinity L30 multi-stage burnout furnaces come in medium and large sizes and will really perform for you. They are designed for maximum versatility, can be used for a 1, 2, 3 or 4-stage burnout procedure and have a memory for 1-30 “open” easy to use programs. The M30 and L30 can heat up, cool down and have a “Ready-Set-Go” smart overnight timer

  • Multistage burnout


Multi-Stage Memory Burnout Furnace

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