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Investing Equipment

twister Evolution vacuum mixer.jpg
  • Programmable mixer has a multifunctional control panel and stores five individualized programs allowing you to set prevacuum (0-30 seconds), mixing time (0-5 minutes), speed (150-600 rpm), and post-vacuum (0-60 seconds). The paddle direction can be reversed in 10-, 20-, and 30-second intervals assuring that you will achieve homogeneous, bubble-free mixing of investments, silicones, and plaster.

Twister Evolution

Vacuum Mixer

combination unit.jpg
  • The WhipMix Combination Unit is equipped with two drive shafts which rotate at different speeds. The faster speed (1,725 RPM) reduces mixing time required for small quantities (90 gram or less) of investment. The slower speed (425 RPM) is for all mixing purposes, with or without vacuum.

  • 115V/60Hz - Complete with 200 ml VAC-U-SPAT and Accessories and 500 ml VAC-U-MIXER


Combination Unit

  • The VPM2 is designed for vacuum mixing all types of gypsums, plasters and investments. You can enter up to 30 separate programs using several parameters to custom mix a material. Utilizing multiple stages, the VPM2 can be programmed for time, speed and paddle direction.

  • Pre-mix stage blends powder and liquid using alternating paddle direction, eliminating the need for hand mixing

  • Twin chamber, oil-less vacuum pump offers a powerful vacuum quickly, providing a bubble-free mix

  • Vortex inducing paddle design quickly and efficiently incorporates mix

  • Inlet filter prevents material from entering vacuum pump

  • Display programmable in 5 languages (English, German, French, Italian and Spanish)

  • Compact, space saving design


VPM2 Programmable Vacuum Mixing Unit

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