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  • Baldor polishing lathes have features preferred by Dentists, dental lab technicians, jewelers, lapidary and others for precision, trouble-free polishing. All lathes are supplied with 8-foot cord with plug, rubber feet and heavy construction to minimize vibration, provisions for mounting to a laboratory bench are provided as well.

  • Moisture resistant copper windings

  • Totally enclosed construction

  • Rubber Feet

  • 8 foot, 3 conductor cord with plug is standard

  • Factory Connected for 115 volts, power cord without plug



red wing lathes.jpg
  • Durable lathe is designed to provide years of service. Features a 1/4 hp, two-speed grinder and polisher with standard dental, tapered shafts. The low speed is 1725 RPM, the high speed is 3450 RPM. 


Red Wing Lathes

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