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Model Trimmers

  • Ray Foster Model Trimmers are constructed from heavy gauge cast aluminum with stainless steel and solid brass fittings. The machines are finished, inside and out, with a high gloss white epoxy coating that offers durability, corrosion resistance and a very attractive finish. Resiliently mounted and precision balanced for smooth, quiet operation, they are designed to assure years of service-free performance under the most demanding laboratory use. The Ray Foster Model Trimmers are the original "swinging door" trimmer and is the benchmark by which other model trimmers are measured.

Ray Foster

Model Trimmers

renfert usa timmer.jpg
  • Can be used WET or DRY

  • One unit for all your lab needs

  • Removable color - For easy maintenance

  • Work table - Adjustable with trim lines

  • 3 styles discs available: Larger disc size than previous model

  • 2.0 hp to withstand large workload

  • 4.5 opening - Larger work area

  • 3420 rpm - The fastest and strongest

  • 30 pounds - Easily transported

Renfert USA

MT Plus Model Trimmer with Klett Fix Disc

  • Produce high quality, precise models without water.

  • Ray Foster Dry Model Trimmer, together with Ray Foster Cyclone Dust Collector, is a completely self-contained model trimming system. It can be placed in any space available location, as there is no need to connect to your water supply and it does not require a drain.

    Model MTD1

  • Features:
    - Rigid cutting surface gives a flat, smooth finish
    - Simplified mechanics (no pulleys or belts) results in a smooth running, quiet machine
    - Power output connection for automatic on/off of dust collector View
    - Uses fast cutting 10” diameter PSA abrasive discs
    - Heavy-duty, capacitor-start, 1/3 HP motor
    - Adjustable work table
    - Six foot vacuum hose and four additional abrasive discs included
    - Proven Ray Foster quality and durability

Ray Foster

Dry Model Trimmer

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