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  • The automatic laser pinhole drilling unit that guarantees the highest drilling precision and enables a relaxed working position either standing or sitting via the swivel on the base of the unit to tilt the unit forward 16 degree for use while seated. The powerful motor guarantees smooth, easy drilling at 16,000 rpm even on extra hard plaster.

  • 110 volt

Renfert USA


  • Integral Systems Precision Routers are designed to remove the palatal section and other interfering undercuts on models. Compact and quiet, these units are engineered with a fast access stainless steel top for easy tool changes

  • Durable metal case

  • Integrated Safety Shield

  • Long-lasting brushless motor with thermal Safety Reset

  • One year warranty

  • 8.5"w x 8.5"d x 10.75"h

  • No special installation is required

Integral Systems


  • The pin drill allows precise, fast and safe determination of the desired drill position. Drilling starts at the press of a button. The plate holder is fastened magnetically, securing the drill position. 

  • In order to guarantee pin friction, identical, smoothfaced and regular holes are drilled into the giroform base plate. The precise drill guide also enables uniform drilling depth. These specific characteristics of the Giroform® pin drill guarantee precise, fast and cost-effective model manufacture.

Amann Girrbach

Giroform Pin Drill

arch trimmer.jpeg
  • The M.400 Arch Trimmer saves time and reduces cost. It has an easy to change bur system with a 1/4" collet, chuck nut, and pin and wrench.

  • Features:

  • Powerful 5,000 rpm permanent magnet DC motor with permanently lubricated ball bearings. 

  • Quiet and compact base measures 8" wide x 9-1/2" deep.  

  • 7" x 7" stainless steel work surface that is easy to remove and secure. 

  • Acrylic safety shield. 

  • 1" diameter dust collection port for connecting to central dust collector. (Also includes an adapter to fit 2-1/2" vacuum hoses.) 

  • Removable 6-foot power cord with 3-prong plug. 

  • Fuse protection.

  • Included Accessories:

  • two 1/4" shank coarse Typhoon Carbide burs-a Ball Nose (KB14734) and 5-degree Taper (KB14198) 

  • brass cleaning brush 

  • rubber drum mandrel 

  • five each of 60 grit and 220 grit 3/4" x 1-1/2" 3M Purple Ceramic sanding bands


Model 400 Arch Trimmer

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