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Polishing Unit/Pump/Scale

  • Handler has re-designed its most popular polishing and grinding unit to include drum cartridge filter technology. The 75D-FC is a professionally designed grinding and polishing unit built specifically for dry grinding operations such as grooving plaster models, dry polishing and dry model trimming. The 75D-FC is powered by a ¾ HP suction motor which produces 600 CFM (cubic feet per minute) suction capacity.


75D Polishing Grinding Unit

water dosing.jpg
  • The Smartbox prevents redosing since it automatically doses the plaster-water mixing ration in accurately reproducible g/ml amounts. It works constantly, quickly, dust-free, and economically and, thus, helps to save > 20% of plaster and time.
    . Precise, constant, and quick dosing; saves time and plaster . 20 individually programmable mixing ratios at the touch of a button . Integrated scale with weight control for four different bowl sizes . Quick menu selection thanks to multi-function knob

Smartbox Plaster-Water Dosing Units

dentsply ney tech.png
  • This high performance pump pulls the fastest vacuum in its class. Better aesthetics are the result.

Dentsply Ney Tech

Maxvac Pump

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