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Porcelain Furnaces

Centurion q50_edited.jpg
  • The Centurion Q50 is a dental ceramic oven used during the production of ceramic dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays.

  • Dental ceramic ovens employ high temperatures and pressures to process ceramic materials into a hardened, final state. 

  • Features: 

  • 50 user programs

  • 2200°F maximum temperature

  • Fast hea rates of up to 400°F/minute

  • Parameters changeable during firing cycle

  • Nite mode closes muffle when temperature reaches 100°C to prevent moisture absorption

  • Automatic purge cycle for muffle decontamination after the use of silver alloys

  • LCD backlit display

Dentsply Ney Tech

Centurion Q50

  • Features an illuminated optical display and LED time line graph. Program conditions (program name, number, temperature, vacuum level, and time remaining) appear on the optic display. The LED timeline graph illuminates and actually changes color as your program progresses.

VIP Vision 300

  • A versatile porcelain furnace with mulitple functions including: 

  • Firing cycles for sintered metal products

  • Argon capabilities for firing porcelain onto titanium

Pro 100

  • Alphanumeric Progrm Names

  • 100 resident user-programmed conventional firing programs

  • 40-Program memory card for program backup and transfers

  • Security code for program locking 

  • Full program muffle for uniform temperature firing

  • Programmable muffle position control/feedback

  • Graphic display

Centurion QEX

  • Stores up to 50 firing programs you can customize for any type of porcelain

  • Two-point calibration ensures firing accuracy for low- and high-fusing porcelains

  • Special design ensures smooth lift operation — work pieces won’t slump or vibrate off the lift

  • Fast-cool cycle uses vacuum to cool the muffle, reducing down time between firing cycles

  • Large elevated cooling tray allows for easy staging of work and quickly cools just fired restorations

  • Customize the program end tune to distinguish this furnace from others in the lab​


Firelite Porcelain Furnace

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