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  • Refined technology and high degree of reliability due to longevity of pneumatic components. Rugged blasting jet pencils with interchangeable nozzles for different grain sizes. Safety glass with profile lock for easy window replacement, good illumination of blasting chamber via strip light. Can be connected to single or central workstation suction extraction units. 



Renfert usa sand blaster.jpg
  • Powerful-the economical blasting unit that grows with your needs. A flexible solution starting with  2 tanks, 25-50µ and 90-250µ. A third and fourth tank can be added as required with grain size of your choice. Patented mixing chambers ensure even flow throughout. 

Renfert USA

Basic Quattro

jel blast.jpg
  • A versatile, reliable, compact, sand-blasting unit

  • Specifications: 

  • Working pressure: 14.5-87 PSI (1-6 bar)

  • Connecting pressure: 145 PSI max. (10 bar max.)

  • Dimensions: 13.25" x 15" x 10" (33.6 x37.6 x 25 cm)

  • Weight (without fill): 3.25 Lb. (6.7 kg.)

  • Complete Unit

Heraeus Kulzer Jelenko

Jel Blast II sand Blaster

  • A high quality and economical blasting system for the moderate to heavy production. Low-maintenance media flow system virtually eliminates wasteful down-time and lowers maintenance costs.

  • Extra Large, "Easy Fill" tanks hold up to 4 pounds of media

  • Exclusive non-clogging flow design with automatic air/sand purging system

  • Contact Lens" magnified viewing window reduces eyestrain and improves overall viewing area

  • Blast-proof resin cabinet is maintenance free


SandStorm Expert

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